ULAND Artificial Green wall Features

Free customization:
Bespoke vertical garden can be designed with various foliage bunches for an tailor-made green wall.

Multiple Applications:
ULAND green wall can be UV-protected and fire-retarded for both interior & exterior landscape design.

Simple installation:
With easy panels and zip ties, vertical garden are super simple to install for large wall covering.

Latest Technology:
ULAND artificial plants are all made botanically correct & fade-resistant with the latest technology.



Ultra realistic


Assembled Artificial Vertical Garden

Artificial green wall available on the market which is hand assembled and designed to ensure they it looks highly realistic, Each panel has been designed to provide a wide range of botanically correct plants, with many kinds of foliage elegantly blended together to create a stunning artificial vertical garden that exceeds expectations. Each panel contains different plants and foliage, the custom green wall is made with a galvanized metal backing to ensure longevity of the artificial green wall in the harsh climate.

Green walls are the best for creating unique designs using a variety of foliage and patterns and meets the expectations of leading Designers, Architects and Landscapers. ULAND will provide you one-stop bespoke artificial hedges wall, or tailor-made tropical green wall for covering unsightly wall or theme park plantscape, municipal amenities or event management. Whatever outdoor or indoor application, Let us know, you will help us treat it for maximum durability.

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